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Assalamu'alaikum. Wr. Wb

Hi there, its all about me

Name: Aula Andika Fikrullah Al Balad
Birth of day: Aceh Besar, Nov 17th 1993
Sex: Male
Religion: Moslem
Address: Jln. Cut Nyak Dhien. No 20. Gp Lampasi. Darul Imarah. Aceh Besar.
Mobile Phone: +6285277499721
Email: aulafa07@gmail.com

Educational Background

  1. Master of Science in Instructional Technology, Lehigh University, PA. USA
  2. Bachelor of Science Education, Focusing on Physics Education at Syiah Kuala University (2011-2016)
  3. Senior High Islamic School (MAN) II, majoring on Science Porgram, (2008-2011)

Work Experiences

  1. Volunteer Coordinators of NGO's Forum Bangun Aceh (September 2015- Now)
  2. Lecturer Assistant in Physics Education Department, Syiah Kuala University (June 2012- July 2013)
  3. Leadership and Education Instructor at Rumah Zakat, Banda Aceh (2012-2013)
  4. Senior Teacher at Islamic Education Foundation Raudhatul Mubarakah (2008- now)
Others language
  1. English (C1)
  2. Turkish (A1)
  3. Malay (C1)
  4. Arab (B1)
  5. Japan (A1)

Communication skills:
           Excellent Communication skills gained through my experience as a activist, Indonesia Delegate, winner speech  of contest, attending various seminar either conducted by Faculty, University or other organization  in local, national or international level, conducting training and teaching activities for university student, youth, and/or high school students in Aceh, And also as my experiences as speaker in various of seminar/talkshow in Aceh and Indonesia

Others skill:

  1.   Good Command in Leading a team
  2.  Good Command in Public Speaking
  3.  Good Command in Writing Creative
  4.  Good Command in Public Relation
  5.  Good Command in Lobbying
  6.   An excellent motivator for youth, students and society
  7.   Good in social life


  1.  Pendidikan Jawaban untuk Gampong (translation: Education is the solution), Harian Rakyat Aceh Newspaper, 2017
  2. Mewujudkan masyarakat Aceh membaca (translation: Creating Aceh Reading society), , Harian Rakyat Aceh Newspaper, December 2016.
  3.  Analogi Pendidikan di Kota vs di Gampong (translation: The Analogy of education in city vs in countryside), Warta Kota of Banda Aceh Newspaper, December, 2016
  4.  Gerakan Mari Berbagi (GMB) Sharing in diversity, English edition of Syiah Kuala University Magazine, September, 2016
  5.   Accelerating of agro industry in Aceh as the best strategy in facing Asean Economy Community 2015, Indonesia- Asean Youth Shout Magazine, 2014
  1.   Read the stories about my passion, Harfeey, West Java, 2014
  2.   The Public Transportation Stories, Ellunar, Bandung city, 2014
  3.   The selected traice, Syiah Kuala University
Research experiences

  1. The Analysis of  Difficulties Questions for Physics National Examination in 2013 at the third grade Senior high school students in Natural Science program, Banda Aceh, 2013
  2.  The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on learning achievement: a case study in physics education student of teacher training and education faculty, syiah kuala university. 2016
  3. The influence of Islamic course score in on emotional intelligence of physics student of syiah kuala university, 2016
  4. The effect of multimedia in learning achievement on the work, energy and power on junior high school student in Aceh Besar, 2016
  1. National Television of Indonesia (TVRI), 2016
  2. National Seminar, Syiah Kuala University, 2016
  3. Motivational Talkshow, Syiah Kuala University, 2016
  4. Motivational Talkshow "Establish ourself as Indonesian", Lampung, 2015
  5. Motivational Talkshow "I share therefore I am", Aceh Utara
  6. Motivational talkshow "Be a panic person", Aceh, 2015
  7. Motivational Talkshow "Achieving succes in university, why not?", Sabang, Aceh, 2015
  8. Motivational Talkshow "Explore our potential and lets inspire in action", Aceh, 2014
  9. Motivator in Story Telling seminar, Aceh, 2014
  10. Motivational Talkshow "How to build reading culture for youth", Aceh TV, 2014
  11. Motivational Talkshow "How to create self confidence", Aceh
  12. Motivational Talkshow "Student  involment in national and international forum", Syiah Kuala University, 2014
  13. Motivational Talkshow "the effect of watching tv on student achievement", Aceh, 2010

Social Projects:
  1. Aceh Reading Society project, 2014- on going
  2.  Rumoh Belajar, 2015- on going
  3. Teaching and sharing with tsunami orphan, 2011-2014
  4. Head for collecting aid for the earthquake victims in Central of Aceh and Bener Meriah
  5. Playplus Indonesia "preserving traditional game in Indonesia" 2014
International Conferences:
  1.  (SPEAKER) The 1st Arraniry International Conference on islamic studies (ARICIS 1), UIN Arraniry university, Aceh, 2016
  2. (Participant)  The international conference on Aceh and Indian ocean studies, Aceh, 2016
  3. (Participant) The International Conference on Moslem identity, characteristics, perspectives and golas at the troubled and challenged world, Aceh, 2014
  4. (Participant) The 2nd Annual International Conference of Syiah Kuala University, Aceh 2014
  5. (Participant) The 9th Annul International workshop and expo on sumatra tsunami disaster and recovery, Aceh, 2014
  6. (Participant) International Conference “The Multi Dimensions of Linguistics and Literature” Malang, Indonesia, 2013
  7.  (Participant) The 1’st International Young Moslem Conference”, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 2013
  8. (Participant) The 6 Annual International Workshop and Expo on Sumatera Tsunami Disaster and Recovery”, Banda Aceh, Indonesia 2010.
F    Social Media Gathering:

  1. Sarasehan Kontributor Laman Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme (BNPT), Yogyakarta, Feb-Maret, 2017. 
  2. Lawatan Sejarah Daerah (LASEDA) as blogger, Sabang, Aceh, Maret, 2017.  
  3. Famtrip Blogger Media Online Publikasi Pariwisata Nasional, Kementrian Pariwisata Indonesia (Kemenpar), 2017.



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